May 29, 2003


UP IN SMOKE: One of my projects of late (that is, the stuff I'm working on when the blog goes silent) is collecting data on the madness of smoking bans like the one currently plaguing New York City; I'm hoping to get an op-ed or two in one of the Upstate papers as Albany's state-wide version of Nurse Bloomberg's little monster of a law takes effect this summer. This tidbit deserves special note:

AMSTERDAM, Netherlands - The latest news from the mecca of marijuana users is a real mindblower. Under a new ban on smoking in public places, Dutch coffee shops would be allowed to continue selling joints, but customers would have to go outside to smoke them.

To the chagrin of the owners of the country's popular marijuana smoking establishments, broad national health guidelines due to take effect next January seem to have inadvertently struck at the heart of the liberal Dutch drug policy.

What would the Mayor say?

Posted by John Tabin at May 29, 2003 04:12 PM