May 06, 2003


DOES HE HAVE A FRAUDULENT BLOG, TOO?: Former New Republic scammer Stephen Glass has an upcoming book about his lying-- naturally, a fictional book. The New York Times got a hold of a copy, and reports:

The novel's narrator, also named Stephen, is a writer for the fictional Washington Weekly, whose style and political views closely resemble The New Republic's. Mr. Glass calls that style ironic contrarian. "Weekly pieces were attack pieces, but not angry, predictable attack polemics such as you might find in The Nation or National Review," he writes. "They were sophisticated, low-key takedowns, all the more devastating because they used the source's own words to hang him. It was assisted suicide, not murder." As at The New Republic, writers for the fictional magazine frequently punctuate a subject's quotations with the dry, one-word sentence, "Indeed."

The New Republic uses "Indeed" like that? I hadn't notice, and a quick flip through the current issue turned up nothing. Maybe Glass is just an Instapundit fan.

Posted by John Tabin at May 6, 2003 08:55 PM