May 02, 2003


THEY'RE SMILING IN WARSAW: Did you catch this line in Bush's speech?

We thank the Armed Forces of the United Kingdom, Australia, and Poland, who shared in the hardships of war.
Well, that's quite a feather in Alexander Kwasniewski's cap! The Polish president has an ambitious plan to make Poland a major player in transatlantic relations, and maybe become Secretary-General of NATO in the process, with a muscular pro-Americanism. (This deal is part of the plan.) God bless 'im.

I didn't actually get to watch the speech, thanks to the World's Worst Waitress. (When you're next to a party of ten, things tend to get a little slow-- but tonight it went further, into total disregard for anything our table might have needed. It was a Chinese restaurant, and she even forgot the fortune cookies. I left her a nice tip commensurate with our service-- $0.00.) I did watch him land and schmooze with the deck crew earlier; though the critics may have half a point, I thought it was pretty cool, and it didn't feel artificial to me. (And this guy really liked it.) I can't comment on the delivery of the speech, obviously, but I think the text is terrific. The whole thing is full of good lines, but I'm not going to single them all out tonight. You can probably find it on other blogs, anyway.

Posted by John Tabin at May 2, 2003 12:03 AM