April 03, 2003


THREE GOOD LINKS: Here's a rundown to make up for yesterday's silence:

"Where do they get young men like this?"-- A post by the father of "LT Smash," a reservist who blogs from Kuwait (or thereabouts), and shares the blog with his family for easy communication. If you haven't seen this yet, read it now. UPDATE: This appears to be a hoax, but LT Smash still proclaims it an excellent parable.

The American Way of War-- Victor Davis Hanson, writing on Tuesday in National Review Online, provides a succinct summary, based on recent history, of how American wars work in our time.

The Axis of Losers-- Kevin A. Hassett, on NRO yesterday, looks at the anemic economies of anti-war European countries.

Posted by John Tabin at April 3, 2003 02:17 AM