March 21, 2003


WHERE IS SALAM?: If you go to Where is Raed? now, you'll see posts from February instead of the most recent posts. His posts from today-- right up to "2 hours more hours untill the B52's get to Iraq"-- can be found in the archive here. (His "Support Democracy in Iraq" banner appears to be gone completely.) It looks like someone-- maybe the Iraqi government, maybe a non-alligned hacker, maybe Salam himself-- tried to suppress his latest posts, but didn't do a perfect job of it. I've saved that archive page to disk in case disappears, too-- it's a piece of history. Some of you might want to do the same, not just for the latest archive page but for all the archives. This stuff shouldn't just disappear. UPDATE: The front page is current once again, though there are no new updates (understandable, since Baghdad is still being shock 'n' awed).

Posted by John Tabin at March 21, 2003 04:20 PM