March 21, 2003


SHOCK 'N' AWE-LIGHT?: The reports are in that "shock and awe" is on-- but Peter Arnett just said the main part of the city, where civilians live, hasn't been hit (though there are legitimate targets there); now (if I heard Arnett correctly) we're only bombing the off-limits "presidential palace" district by the Tigris river (the red area that Salam Pax highlighted here). Drudge right now says:

A senior U.S. official said the escalation of the 'SHOCK & AWE' campaign might not be as intense as originally planned because U.S. surrender talks with senior Iraqi officials were continuing...
This is good news; our military planners are hopeful enough of a surrender that they're holding back. (Note that Drudge may be playing up the "senior Iraqi official" angle-- it could mean Republican Guard commanders, which would still leave a potentially messy fight to be had with the Special Republican Guard.)

Posted by John Tabin at March 21, 2003 01:35 PM