March 21, 2003


A NEW FLAG: I can't get this Reuters picture to load, but the caption presents a peculiar problem:

A U.S. Marine replaces the Iraqi flag at the entrance to Iraq's main port of Umm Qasr on March 21, 2003 with the Stars and Stripes and the flag of the Marine Corps. Marines briefly raised the U.S. flag over Umm Qasr after facing tougher than expected resistance in and around the southern Iraq port. Some time later, the flag was removed. No reason was given for the decision, but Washington has consistently stressed that invading U.S. forces want to liberate Iraq, not occupy it.
That's a good reason for not raising the US flag-- but it seems wrong to just keep the flag of Saddam's Iraq up, doesn't it? We need to be raising the flag of a Free Iraq. A pro-democracy Iraqi novelist (who appears to be in exile somewhere in the English-speaking world) has a suggestion on his website:

Changes and Symbols

Increasing the white color area to indicate the peaceful nature of the country

Removing the third star which was added by Baath party in 1963 to symbolize “Wahda” between Syria, Egypt, and Iraq which never occurred in the first place and Syria and Egypt never acknowledge Iraq as a partner so they stayed with their two star flags.

Return to the two stars which symbolize the Land of Two Rivers “ Belad Al Rafiden” Mesopotamia.

Increasing the size of the stars with its green color to symbolize the fertility of the land.

Adding a yellow frame to the stars, a symbolic color of Kurdestan.
Sounds good to me. We ought to at least have something along these lines-- raising our flag and then lowering it sends an odd message.

The novelist is named Saad Farage; On this website I'll be displaying this, which I'll call the Saad Farage Flag, until someone comes up with something better as a rallying flag for the liberation. If you want to take the image, feel free, but please host it in your own space; I'm using geocities, and too much bandwidth will eventually make it stop working. Also note that it's a jpeg, but I've renamed it as a txt file to fool geocities restriction on picture-hosting; you may want to rename the file.

UPDATE: You can also download the image here. Thanks to Amy of

Posted by John Tabin at March 21, 2003 11:20 AM

Hello, I have designed those Flags for the Federal Republic of Iraq. I would like to get your comments about it.

Here is a link to see the flags:
Serkan Kurdi

Posted by: Sarkan Kurdee at January 3, 2004 01:31 AM

does anyone have useful information on saad farage? i would be greatful to hear from you.

Posted by: jazzy at January 30, 2004 05:38 AM

How often does Saad Farage contact his children these days

Posted by: jazzy at January 30, 2004 05:43 AM