March 19, 2003


THIS IS A BLOG FIRST: "air raid sirens in baghdad but the only sounds you can here are the anti-aircraft machine guns. will go now." -Salam Pax, moments ago. This man is my hero.

UPDATE: I sent this link to Glenn Reynolds, who replied:

If he's what he says he is, he's a hero. But I had a report that Iraq had shut down its civilian phone lines today, making me wonder how he's posting.
There have been lots of reports today, often unreliable, and besides, there are more ways to get on the internet than over the phone lines, even in Iraq. If he is faking it, he's been extremely convincing; I've been reading him for months, and not a single detail has felt false. If he isn't a hero, his skills as a hoaxer make Stephen Glass look like an amateur. (Unless of course, Salam Pax is Stephen Glass. Hmmm...)

Posted by John Tabin at March 19, 2003 10:03 PM