January 14, 2003


BERKLEY OF THE MIDWAY: Last night David Weigel IM'd me with a link to this story. The Evanston City Council was voting on an antiwar resolution, and Dave wanted to cover it for the Northwestern Chronicle, the conservative weekly of which he's the editor-in-chief.

A synergy of interests emerged: Dave had only his bicycle for transportation on a cold Chicagoland night, and I had both a car and a serious case of cabin fever. Accepting any excuse to get outside, I drove down to Evanston from my current sojourn in Highland Park. (Here's a map to aid non-locals.)

At the meeting, naturally, were the antiwar activists, among them a pair of useful idiots fresh from a tour in Baghdad. They left long before the council actually discussed the resolution; their 8-1 victory was a fait accompli. The dissenting Alderman, Edmund Moran, gave an impassioned speech on the threat to our civilization, focusing on his respect for the armed forces. The Daily Northwestern reported on the meeting here, and as I write this Dave is working on the Chronicle's version, for which he interviewed Ald. Moran.

Ray Fassel of Los Angeles, who responded to my OpinionJournal report from Evanston in November of 2001, had a good point; Evanston is looking more like Berkley of the Midway all the time.

(To correct a common source of confusion: no, I've never attended Northwestern University; I was invited to do a couple pieces for the Chron, which you'll find to your left, when I was living in Evanston last year.)

Posted by John Tabin at January 14, 2003 08:41 PM