January 12, 2003


NOT THAT INNOCENT: Following up on the post below, George Ryan claims he was right to empty death row because the system is so flawed that the innocent are being convicted left and right. This is a lie by any reasonable standard; as Ramesh Ponnuru has pointed out, many "exonerated" killers who leave death row are not "innocent" in the normal sense of the word, but are legally "not guilty" thanks to various technicalities. According to a study reported in USA Today, "at least 68 of the 102 ex-death row inmates on the 'innocents' list [vaunted by death penalty foes] don't belong there."

On a lighter note, here for your amusement is a sophisticated exegesis of the Britney Spears song whence we learn that Britney, like most convicts, is "not that innocent."

Posted by John Tabin at January 12, 2003 01:41 AM