January 01, 2003


ATTACK OF THE CLONES: When I heard about Eve, I sort of hoped to learn that this clone story wasn't a hoax; it would just be hilarious if the first successful clone was made by a UFO cult. But Ron Bailey gives me pause with the observation that "If Eve is in fact a clone and she is healthy, she and the Raelians are incredibly lucky or they are concealing a lot of lost and defective fetuses." His suggestion of a temporary ban sounds like a good idea to me, especially since it would quiet the anti-cloners, at least a little. Of course I, like Alan Greenspan, think everything should have a sunset clause.

Naturally, Virginia Postrel has more on cloning, and naturally, it's good stuff; scroll down to "CLONE WARS."

Posted by John Tabin at January 1, 2003 01:10 PM