December 21, 2002


POLITICAL SEX: The article Dave highlights below suggests that you buy subscriptions to left-wing magazines and sex toys for the same reason. No, The Nation hasn't added Katrina vanden Heuvel centerfolds; you're supposed to buy a vibrator and erotic chocolates, not to enrich your sex life, but to addle the evil warmongers.

This reminds me of a question I asked a few months ago (specifically about academic postmodernists)-- do leftists even enjoy sex, or is all a joyless political statement to them?

But maybe I'm looking at this upside down. A recent Christian Science Monitor op-ed pointed out, by way of explaining why the antiwar author was repulsed by the antiwar movement,

Protesting wars today seems to be a way to cleanse one's private conscience rather than effecting public change - a case of opting out instead of getting stuck in and having the hard arguments. Going on an antiwar demonstration has become a way to declare your whiter-than-white credentials, and demonstrating to onlookers that you have cleared your own conscience.

Has it really come to this - where being antiwar is more about saving ourselves than anyone else?

If so, then maybe it's not so much that leftists own vibrators for political reasons, but that their politics is all about self-gratification.

Posted by John Tabin at December 21, 2002 11:57 AM