December 21, 2002

"MAKE RUMMY RASH!" (by David Weigel)

"MAKE RUMMY RASH!": A San Francisco Chronicle op-ed links vibrators to opposing the Republican party. What kind of life do Republicans lead? Let's see ...

- "for those not exactly thrilled with the aggro roguish direction of this nation"

- "make Dubya squint and mispronounce a polysyllabic word he doesn't really know the meaning of"

- "Get one for your Republican sister and just watch her three-minute husband scowl"

- "Read it next to the poor deluded WASP who's worshipping The Wall Street Journal on the subway and watch him squirm and snort" [Shouldn't he be reading Southern Partisan?]

- "sure to make heavily shellacked mannequin-faced Laura Bush titter and squeal and faint"

- "Just like Rummy and Dick and the oil execs at their weekly slumber party/kitten kickings!"

I'm done with shopping. I've already bought my friends a wind-up liberal cliche!

P.S. Why is it that when the U.N. does something liberals don't like (say sanctions on Iraq), it suddenly becomes "U.S. imposed"?

Posted by John Tabin at December 21, 2002 04:51 AM