December 21, 2002

THE POST GETS IT (by David Weigel)

THE POST GETS IT: The Washington Post, in its Lott/Frist editorial expurgation, clearly and cleanly delineates what to make of Frist's voting record:

While neither Mr. Frist nor other possible contenders for Mr. Lott's position have been accused of making racially charged remarks, most of them have voting records on civil rights issues that track with Mr. Lott's -- a point duly noted by civil rights groups this week. That, however, should not be a political liability for the next majority leader. We do not equate conservatism with racism, and neither should any fair-minded American. It should be possible to hold views and positions that are at variance with those civil rights groups propound and still avoid being branded anti-equal-opportunity or an opponent of civil rights protections. We happen to find ourselves in agreement with many of the positions of civil rights advocates. But that does not mean those holding opposing views may not have an intellectually honest basis for their positions.

I swear, the talking heads (yes, all of them) and the NYT masthead should take a tutorial from these guys.

Posted by John Tabin at December 21, 2002 04:39 AM