December 21, 2002


HYPERVENTILATION WATCH: Did you ever see that sketch on the Kids in the Hall where Kevin McKinney gets a ride from a local who keeps making fat jokes about him, even though he's not fat? And when Kevin explains that he lost weight because everyone was making fun of him, the local kicks him out of the truck?

Josh Marshall's sort of doing the same thing.

He's trying to nail Frist on something, ANYTHING, and the pickings are slim. For the third time in 48 hours he's brandished the Marion Barry quote like a piece of the True Cross. And now he's criticizing the length of Frist's resume.

That's right.

His resume.

When I saw Jesse Jackson speak in 2000, he joked that George W. Bush's "resume started at age 45." You know ... that complaint kind of made sense.

This doesn't.

Posted by John Tabin at December 21, 2002 04:29 AM