December 13, 2002


HANNITY FLIPS: Sean Hannity, earlier in the week one of Trent Lott's very few defenders, said today on his radio show that he can't see how Lott can possibly lead the party effectively now; he's been convinced by the growing chorus of conservative commentators he respects-- and the barrage of thoughtful emails he's received-- that Lott has to go. He even read this entire National Review Editorial on the air. Lott is not expected to resign during the press conference that's coming shortly (though if he were to surprise everyone-- and makes a liar of his spokesman-- it sure would be a coup for the bloggers predicting resignation). It's hard to see how apology attempt #5 is going to work; if he doesn't step down early next week, it'll be the triumph of one man's ego over the good of his party, not to mention his country (by which I mean: watch the debate on, well, just about everything be further poisoned by race-opportunists).

Posted by John Tabin at December 13, 2002 05:03 PM