December 12, 2002


SUCK REDUX: Jonah Goldberg joked the other day that Reason's blog, Hit & Run, is named for the way you kill someone on The Corner. Actually, it's clearly named for a weekly feature of the long-dead (and in re-runs), a site which was arguably a proto-blog-- meandering, entertaining essays with tons of links which for years set the web-content standard. Current Reason-ers Nick Gillespie, Brian Doherty, and Tim Cavanaugh were all Suck contributors. Cavanaugh wrote many of the Hit & Runs, which jumped from topic to topic and were hence the most blog-like of Suck essays.

I'm pretty pleased with the new Hit & Run, though it still has time to turn into the smug and tiresomely snide anti-warblog I was dreading. I find it especially interesting that the archive goes back to early November; the blog just went public on Monday. Apparently, they were practicing for a while.

Posted by John Tabin at December 12, 2002 01:51 AM