December 04, 2002


MASS-CARNAGE AND ORGIES AND CHAOS: I'm the first one interviewed in this clip, from the upcoming DVD An Evening With Kevin Smith. My head looks a little narrow in that link, but if you click on clip number 5 here, you'll see the un-squished, widescreen format. The DVD is a collection of clips from the director's appearances, mainly at college campuses; I was interviewed at Cornell (across town from my old stomping ground of Ithaca College). The last person interviewed in that clip ("I hope Jay shows up") is my friend Phil Haney; through the magic of editing, you'd never know that we were standing right next to each other unless I'd told you. Incidentally, if you follow the link on Phil's page to his band, you may not blame me.

Posted by John Tabin at December 4, 2002 09:11 PM