December 03, 2002


KERRY ME HOME: Josh Marshall writes that "The Washington press corps doesn't much like John Kerry. And, as we learned with Al Gore, that's important." It is important, but not simply because, as I think Marshall is implying, it will mean unfriendly press treatment. It's important because the Washington press corps is overwhelmingly aligned with the Democratic party. If they don't like a Democratic candidate, the candidate has little hope with the public at large; he must indeed be quite unlikable. Mickey Kaus is actually running a contest for best explanation of Kerry's "loathsomeness." I think Mickey's own entry is a good start.

However, I do think David Frum's appellation "Wahhabi Democrat" is over-the-top. Even if Kerry is positioning himself as a "a return to ancient orthodoxies," it doesn't fit-- Wahhabis actually believe what they say.

Posted by John Tabin at December 3, 2002 04:26 AM