November 06, 2002


A REPUBLICAN NIGHT: Fun to be with the happy side tonight. Mark Kirk won by a landslide, and though Illinois Republicans didn't do so well at the state level (okay, it's a bloodbath-- Chicago now owns Springfield), the Kirk victory and the national Republican surge lifted spirits.

The Chambliss victory took me by surprise (kudos to Karl Rove for seizing an opportunity there, as presidential campaigning appeared to tip the balance); other than that, my Senate predictions have been spot on. But (and it's a big but)... South Dakota, Missouri, Colorado, and Minnesota are still un-called. What's more, Dave Weigel's late analysis of the counties left to report in Colorado suggests that Allard, who's in the lead, is well positioned to win. (I'm blogging from Dave's room at the moment.) Good news for Republicans, bad news for my track record as political-psychic. UPDATE: Stephen Green says Fox has called for Allard. Dave and I hadn't seen that yet.

Posted by John Tabin at November 6, 2002 01:46 AM