October 28, 2002


THAT HIPPY GOLISANO: Robert Bartley laments his choices for New York governor. The critiques of Pataki and McCall are obvious, but Bartley's beef with Golisano is a tad bizarre. The attack of pharmacutical industry money is certainly demagoguery, but Golisano's other sin, in Bartley's eyes, is that, despite being "sometimes thought of as a conservative alternative," Golisano's "super-expensive TV ad blitz pushes medical marijuana." Oh, no! If he's friendly to marijuana reform, he must be a wild-eyed leftist, like those National Review pinkos.

Speaking of which, those who disagree with the Wall Street Journal editorial page on drug liberalization (one of the few issues the WSJ is totally off-base on), have a chance to send a message by voting for Tom Leighton of the Marijuana Reform party. If you really don't like any of the top three, this makes some sense; there are no ballot initiatives in New York, and unlike other protest votes, the message "voting the leaf" sends is unambiguous. (Does a Libertarian Party vote mean lower taxes, decriminalized drugs, and gay marriage? Or does it mean isolationism and "civil liberties" for terrorists?)

Posted by John Tabin at October 28, 2002 08:43 PM