October 08, 2002


PLACE YOUR BETS: Dave Weigel handicaps the Senate races. He predicts a one-seat net gain for the Democrats, unless John Thune wins in South Dakota, which is a dead heat. The (Sioux Falls) Argus Leader has more on that race; Johnson has an edge on issues questions, but Thune still has an edge with independents (though according to the article, Johnson's internal polls show the opposite).

Dave says he might handicap the House later tonight, and update his picks as the weeks go by. UPDATE: the House calls are up. It's amazing how few seats are even thought to be contested. As the Wall Street Journal has pointed out, the fact that Republicans (by dominating state governments in 2000) benefitted most from the gerrymandering this round is small consolation for fans fair play on the Right.

Posted by John Tabin at October 8, 2002 10:28 PM