October 07, 2002


BUSH'S SPEECH: Most of what Bush talked about, of course, has already been covered by others, notably Dick Cheney and Tony Blair. But what really struck me is the passage on connections between Iraq and al Qaeda. I've written before on how the administration seemed to be soft-pedalling the (undeniable) link during the summer, when they were delaying action, as if they thought that, if an al Qaeda connection became explicit common knowledge, they might be pushed into war before they were ready (or be seen as weak).

Now that the rhythms on the war drum are less Ravel and more Slipknot, the Bushies are finally saying that Iraq and al Qaeda are linked. It's being treated as almost an afterthought, but given that the central casus belli that the administation has fleshed out is to prevent weapons of mass destruction proliferation, the link to those really dangerous terrorists to whom Iraq might prolifereate its weapons seems pretty important to me. We hawks should be mentioning this link more often, no?

Posted by John Tabin at October 7, 2002 08:56 PM