July 11, 2002


UH-OH: Dan Savage points out, in an excellent piece on the proper liberal response to this war (post-war nation-building, not antiwar idiocy), points out that I've moved into a potential terrorist hotzone:

...here are some fun facts specifically meant to bother people who live in Seattle: For all the talk of nuclear "suitcase bombs," people paid to worry about terrorism are more concerned about "conex bombs," as Bill Keller wrote in the May 26 New York Times Magazine ["Nuclear Nightmares"]. The name "conex" refers to "those shack-size steel containers that bring most cargo into the United States." Last year almost two million conex containers were unloaded at the Port of Seattle, and tens or hundreds of thousands of conex containers come into Seattle every year from Malaysia, the Philippines, Indonesia, and other countries believed to have been infiltrated by al Qaeda fighters. Put a few barrels of anthrax spores and/or some easily obtainable low-grade nuclear waste and a few hundred pounds of explosives into a conex container along with some Islamo-fascist jackass excited by visions of paradise and... well, will the last person to die in Seattle please turn out the lights?

This presents a moral dilemma: if Seattle is nuked, do I hope for westward prevailing winds, so the fallout kills the fewest number of people-- but probably kills me? Lets see that it doesn't come to that.

Oh, and on Savage's larger point-- yes, that's what the left should be in favor of, but whether it's what I'm in favor of will depend on specifics. Our entanglement with other countries should be limited to what is absolutely necessary to protect this one.

Posted by John Tabin at July 11, 2002 01:58 PM