June 25, 2002


YOU'RE SO WRONG, MARCIAL: A Spanish blogger left a note in the Comment board for "DO THE MATH" below about Palestinian deaths. He seems from his blog to be a decent enough fellow, but this is what happens when people are fed a steady diet of the European press.

Palestinian deaths are in no way, shape, or form morally equivalent to Israeli deaths. It amazes me that this still isn't obvious to some people, but lets run through it again, shall we?

First off, I'm pretty sure many of the deaths in that figure are terrorists who blew themselves up. My figures for the number of 9/11 deaths don't include the hijackers, for what I hope are self-evident reasons. A few are targetted assassinations of terrorist leaders. I support the assassination policy, but even if you dispute the morality of those, surely you won't argue they are equivalent to the deaths of children killed on their way home from school for the crime of being Jewish. (At least one of the suicide bombings occurred in a neighborhood of anti-Zionist Hasidic Jews. They don't believe a Jewish State should exist before the messiah arrives, don't serve in the Israeli army or attend Israeli government schools, and often hold Palestinian Authority passports. Just being Jewish is bad enough-- statehood is an afterthought to Jew-hatred, you see.)

The deaths of Palestinian civilians are not the same as the deaths of Israeli civilians, either. Every Palestinian non-combatant who has died has been killed by accident; every Jewish non-combatant who has died has been killed on purpose. Any death is tragic, of course, but the moral difference between accidental and intentional deaths is well-established. Even reckless endangerment-- which I would argue the Israelis have for the most part not committed, and in fact have been almost absurdly restrained in their actions-- is generally considered a lesser crime than murder.

Marcial ends his comment with "We fight for peace too." I'm not sure what he means by "we." The European Union gives money to the PA which funnels right into terrorism, so maybe that's what he means. I assure you, Marcial, that the terrorists aren't fighting for any "peace" in which Israel exists-- and if my tax dollars were being used to buy their bombs, I'd be livid.

Posted by John Tabin at June 25, 2002 10:54 PM