June 23, 2002


CHIP OFF THE OLD BLOCK: Rumor has it Saddam Hussein might step down and let his son take over to diffuse the threat of a U.S. attack.

Qusay Hussein is as much a mass murderer as his father, and just as intent on acquiring weapons of mass destruction. Whether he or his father is the nominal leader of Iraq should have no bearing on our war plans.

The Times of London article linked above says that Qusay's older brother Uday is thought of as a "playboy." Yeah, if by "playboy" you mean "psychopathic maniac." This article, from Maxim, of all places, profiles Uday and Qusay at length. Uday likes to rape, torture, and murder women snatched from the streets, and can't be trusted with power because he'll occassionally cut out the throat from a friend of a family at a dinner party. Qusay's the "cool-headed" one-- he merely orders the execution of 2000 political prisoners in one day.

Posted by John Tabin at June 23, 2002 01:14 PM