June 05, 2002


THE MENACE OF ORGANIC FARMING: If organic farming became the global standard, two billion people would starve to death. Ron Bailey has the goods on the pseudoscience and inefficiency of the dangerous movement against conventional farming and genetic engineering. If organic food were any better, that would be one thing-- but it's usually not.

Making better food with old farming techniques for a niche market is a worthy goal, though. Back in August, The Nation ran a cover story on Slow Food, a movement to protect specialty farming in Italy. The magazine's editors probably thought this was a triumph of the Left because Slow Food had its roots, in a weird way, in local Communist parties, but reading closely, it becomes clear that the Slow Food people are fighting the kind of globalization The Nation usually approves of-- EU power-grabs and one-size-fits-all regulations-- and welcome "virtuous globalization," i.e. free trade with people who will buy their high-quality products.

Posted by John Tabin at June 5, 2002 03:03 PM