June 05, 2002


INTO THE FRAY: ZionBlog has been called disgusting and immoral by OxBlog and VodkaPundit for his belief that Israel should kill suicide bombers' families. (OxBlog and ZionBlog have a follow-up exchange which you can scroll up from those links to read.) I wrote about holding suicide bombers' families responsible a while ago. After one webzine rejected the piece, I shelved it (in part because the situation seemed a bit less dire as, contrary to what I wrote in the piece, the military incursions actually did seem to stop the attacks for a time shortly after I wrote the piece). This seems like a good time to dust that argument off; though I think some official process would be preferable (and imprisonment, rather than capital punishment, might be suitable), and I wouldn't embark on this lightly, I do think there is a case for corruption of blood as a deterrent. Check out my thoughts.

Posted by John Tabin at June 5, 2002 12:24 AM