June 04, 2002


DANCE, TOM: This "Tom the Dancing Bug" cartoon, which Tim Russert pulled out on Meet the Press two Sundays ago, pricelessly lampoons Daschle's grasping-at-straws attacks on the White House. (It is starting to look like the intelligence community failed majorly, but wasn't that clear by noon on September 11?)

Of the alt-left cartoonists, Ruben Bolling is the best. Even Tom Tomorrow has some flashes of insight. Too bad they doubtless get confused with the vile Ted Rall.

You can gauge them by their immediate reactions to September 11: after one surreally strange comic, Bolling showed he was as pissed as everyone else; Tomorrow had one "words fail me" strip, followed by something a little squishy, but thoughtful. Rall gleefully joined the hate America movement immediately, saying the Palestinians were right to cheer on the Towers falling.

See elsewhere in the blogosphere for more on what a lying moron Rall is.

Posted by John Tabin at June 4, 2002 10:02 PM