June 02, 2002


NETIQUETTE: Before quoting the email I got from Josh Marshall, paraphrased in the item below, I asked him for permission. He said he'd prefer a paraphrase, just to keep in place an assumption that posting private emails isn't kosher. He thanked me profusely for showing the consideration to even ask.

This is a point that should be repeated explicitly: if someone doesn't want an email made public, it shouldn't be, and you ought to ask first Of course, be careful what you share with whom in email. The general assumption is that private emails aren't 100% private, only as private as a conversation, which gossips repeat all time; you know which of your friends can't keep their mouths shut. Use the forward button with the same discretion as you would with things your friends tell you, but only post verbatims on the public web with permission.

Learn your manners from me, kids, not from Tim Noah!

Posted by John Tabin at June 2, 2002 03:43 PM