May 31, 2002


HYPOCRISY ALERT: Despite being an excellent magazine, Liberty has its share of silliness due to the intellectual diversity in (some might say "crackpots among") the libertarian community. But the June issue has an item, not borne of any particular dogmatism, that is downright hilarious in its stupidity.

For those of you who've never seen Liberty they have a monthy section called "Reflections," which is basically a print version of a group blog like The Corner or Libertarian Samizdata; contributors toss out short-to-medium length comments from the month. Here is the item of note:

The vanity Web -- The worst part of the Internet is not the hate sites or the sappy family sites, but those sites maintained by the bloggers. This is a collection of pompous wannabe pundits, all across the political spectrum, who believe the world cannot sleep until it knows what they think of every possible public issue-- and the precise time that they recorderd their thoughts. Oy! Are we to be spared nothing? --Sheldon Richman
I'm sure the hilarity is evident. "Reflections" is exactly like a blog, only slower. Mr. Richman, listed in the Contributor Notes as the editor of something called Ideas on Liberty, is self-evidently not one iota better qualifed to share his thoughts than any blogger. Perhaps the funniest part of this is that Glenn Reynolds gets more unique visitors a day (around 18,000) than Liberty has copies in distribution (around 11,000).

Posted by John Tabin at May 31, 2002 08:26 AM