May 22, 2002


SEPTEMBER 10-THINK: The Feds keep airline cockpits a terrorist-friendly zone by refusing to arm pilots. Even the knee-jerk gun-grabbers at Tapped, The American Prospect's blog, are starting to think this may be mind-bogglingly stupid, since according to the Feds' plan, rather than arm pilots to prevent hijackings, they'll just shoot down hijacked planes. Feel safer yet?

There's a move on the Hill for legislation to override this bit of bureaucratic idiocy. If you happen to write to your Congressmen to support this, you might also write to the Bush administration and ask them to fire Transportation Secretary Norm Mineta, who's anything-but-profiling, window-dressing "security" measure have earned him the well-deserved nickname "Underperformin' Norman." (Mineta was the token administration Democrat back when we were healing from a split election and couldn't concieve of Transportation being particularly important. Whoops.)

UPDATE: Eli Lehrer has a nuanced discussion on NRO about the mechanics of arming pilots. He weighs the dangers carefully, and makes the good point that it'd be wise not to arm every pilot, so terrorists don't know for sure if they're'll be a gun or not.

Posted by John Tabin at May 22, 2002 06:55 PM