May 19, 2002


IS HAYDEN CHRISTENSEN GAY?: Enquiring minds want to to know, judging from my site trafffic. I've gotten several Google searches for "hayden christiansen gay"-- I won't be correcting the misspelling in my Star Wars post, since it's bringing traffic. Apparantly, some gay-oriented magazine said that he's gay-- but he's said publicly that he's not, according to his fansite (see Thursday, May 9, "Hayden puts Gay Rumors to Rest").

I could hardly care less about this, but I'm not above shamelessly trolling for Google-hits, which there's certainly nothing wrong with as long as I am providing the info people will be looking for. Now that you've learned what you wanted to about the sexual orientation of a horrendous actor, please stay a while and enjoy my website.

Posted by John Tabin at May 19, 2002 07:32 PM

I love Hayden Christensen so much!No one loves him more than I do!I would do almost anything for him!

Posted by: Vronx Sapeda at June 7, 2004 05:42 PM

Senti pecuri yaro orshar dorelensi vinde. Anchil mar par che sommeriga. Orlameni centi hortzinlimi. Eri sint man!

Posted by: Plini Ferdonini at October 13, 2004 04:41 PM

Do you believe that Hayden gay??????? Iím not believed what people say about him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A People who think he gay definitely wrong!!!! That was impossible to say that Hayden gay because he have character as Gentleman. People who libel him I think you should check yours first whether your perfect to say Hayden Christensen gay!!! Iím so angry people say like that! Donít ever say Hayden gay. Maybe you should watch ĎLife as a Houseí movie because he also said that he not gay. What I want to advice to people say Hayden gay is ďWithout know people closely, hence we canít say about themĒ Donít ever believe about this libel. To Hayden be patients, only god knows what we do and concentrated to your carriers. Even though Iím 14 years old thatís mean I canít think logically. Iím has man and also Star Wars fan must make correct this circumstance. It is all about his dignity. Donít ever say like that to him and donít believe about people say him a gay. For guidance life was not meaningfully if we do bad things like defamation. Think deeply. God know what you doing!!!!!!!!!

Posted by: AZ at October 28, 2004 10:10 PM