May 06, 2002


DUTCH HORROR: Don't believe any obituary of Pim Fortuyn, just shot dead, which calls him "hard-right." He fully supported the liberal Dutch policies on prostitution, drugs, and gay marriage, but was lumped in with fascists like Jean-Marie Le Pen for questioning the welfare state and, more importantly, the wisdom of unchecked immigration given an immigrant population that would not assimilate, clinging to anti-gay, anti-woman Muslim traditions and expressing open contempt for the West. The character assassination of the gay sociology professor may have helped inspire the actual assassination. We don't know yet whether he was killed by a radical Muslim, a leftist, or a homophobic rightist. When we find out, one wonders what questions this, the first political assassination in modern Dutch history, will force Europeans to ask themselves. TUESDAY UPDATE: Rod Dreher has an excellent Fortuyn obit today.

Posted by John Tabin at May 6, 2002 03:34 PM