May 04, 2002


THE BATTLE FOR HEARTS AND MINDS: It's not often that I can say I feel like I've made the world a slightly better place, but today I do. Just got this note, regarding that exchange about my latest Chron piece:


I am very glad that we can actually have an open dialogue and can feel free to express our opinions to one another. You told me some things that I did not know, and for that I feel more informed about a conflict that certainly has a more detailed history than most realize. I feel like we both agree that the terror must stop. Peace is only possible when people feel safe, and those conditions have obviously not yet been met.

This was from Austin Harvey, the head of Amnesty International at Northwestern. For all it's faults, Amnesty International is a vitally important organization. Unlike some Non-Governmental Organizations that I write off as a bunch of nuts, when I see A.I. supporting a silly cause I find it gut-wrenching, because I fear that if they are associated with frivolous pursuits, something else they put out on an important issue (torture of Chinese dissidents, for example) might not be taken seriously. Better-informed organizers in Amnesty International, therefore, are important to all the world's suffering people. Thanks, Austin, for listening.

Posted by John Tabin at May 4, 2002 05:50 PM