April 24, 2002


PAGLIA UPDATE: I did check the newstand-- Camille Paglia's listed a contributing editor in the masthead of Interview, but she has nothing in this issue. Newsgroupies in alt.fan.camille-paglia note that she did have a piece in the February issue, talking about the history and meaning of heroism-- maddeningly tantalizing! I've tried and failed to find an online version. If anyone succeeds in finding that or any other recent-vintage Paglia, please tell me.

The Paglia find has brought me some attention: Insolvent Republic of Blogistan potentate Justin Slotman (who also has a permalink listed alphabetically right between Andrew Sullivan and Tal G. in Jerusalem, a great spot to lure slippery-moused visitors) has linked, as has the VodkaPundit, Stephen Green. A warm welcome to all the new traffic.

Posted by John Tabin at April 24, 2002 09:02 AM