April 16, 2002


A GRANDBLOG IS BORN: Recently InstaPundit Glenn Reynolds listed the weblogs he inspired; about a month ago, he asked bloggers to tell him if they were inspired by InstaPundit, because a reporter asked him, and yes, my blog made the list (I noted in the email I sent him that I was equally inspired by Andrew Sullivan and Virginia Postrel). He mentioned that some reported "'grandblogs,' weblogs created by people who started them because they were inspired by weblogs inspired by InstaPundit."

Well, Glenn has another grandblog, because my friend Ryan Vooris has started his own blog, and credits me for introducing him to Blogger. "Ryan's Triple Play," as the blog is called, has a novel twist: sports (baseball commentary, more precisely). I don't believe I've seen much of that in the blogosphere.

Posted by John Tabin at April 16, 2002 01:20 AM