April 12, 2002


TO YOUR HEALTH: I've got a new piece on booze in the Northwestern Chronicle. The editor tells me the cartoon version of my face which, appears in the print edition, will also be online anon.

I actually drink even less than the semi-fictional framing device I use implies (my imbibing is generally limited of late to special occassions such as vacations abroad), but that doesn't change any of the piece's basic points. (All syntax errors are, as always, the fault of the editor. Just kidding, Dave.)

By the way, there are some errors in my biographical information, which in the print edition reads "John Tabin is an Ithaca College sophomore and lifelong Evanstonian." Actually, I'm on leave from IC as a junior, and while I am from the North Shore, I grew up in Highland Park, not Evanston. So if "sophomore" means "on-leave junior" and "lifelong" means "since October," it's correct. The online bio, besides linking to my old website instead of this one, actually says that I go to NU, but I'm guessing the template required that somehow.

Posted by John Tabin at April 12, 2002 07:18 PM