April 08, 2002


RINO HUNT: Stephen Moore goes hunting for RINOs-- that is, "Republicans In Name Only." Moore's Club for Growth is an excellent organization, one of the few instances of truth-in-advertising in a political group (a sharp contrasts to any group touting the Orwellian phrase "Economic Justice.") Says Moore:

In judging who were the biggest RINOs in the party in 2001, we took into account votes and advocacy of policy positions that deter economic growth. Such policies include:

Votes for tax hikes and/or against tax cuts

Votes for expanding the size and scope of government

Votes for more regulations that fail a benefit/cost analysis

Votes against giving taxpayers more individual choice in the economic decisions that effect [sic] their own lives

In otherwords, because the Club for Growth cares not a whit for social policy, these are the least economically conservative Republicans-- and often the least libertarian of any politicians. A look at the issues profile of one of their "winners," Gov. Don Sunquist of Tennesee, bears this out. In addition to pushing for a state income tax (which he said on the survey I've linked to that he wouldn't do), he's against marijuana decriminalization, gay marriage, and gambling, and for zero-tolerance against drugs and weapons in schools (which in practice has resulted in expulsion for aspirin and penknives) and lowering blood-alcohol-content limits defining drunk driving (an anti-drinking crusade which has nothing to do with actual levels of driver impairment).

What I'd like to see is a list of Democrats with a libertarian economic outlook, which I suspect would be pretty short. I'll go ask the Democratic Freedom Caucus about it.

Posted by John Tabin at April 8, 2002 08:05 AM