June 27, 2003

Andrew Stuttaford buys me a beer and other adventures

NB: My take on the Feb. 2005 Alterman vs. Young kerfuffle can be found here.

Just got back from the Sullum shindig. It was fun to meet a number of writers I've admired for a long time; to me, Kurt Loder of MTV News was one of the less-interesting guests, but then I'm a huge nerd. Dave Weigel's not much for dishing, so the task falls to me.

Would it be unseemly to brag that I made Cathy Young laugh out loud? My laugh line: "It's Eric Alterman's Zionist white whale!" Young told me that, though Alterman is a jerk, she was impressed with his defense of John Fund. (Fund is Young's "no hard feelings" ex-boyfriend.) A conspiracy-minded friend of hers (I can't remember the name and wouldn't share it if I could) began speculating on what ulterior motives Alterman might have for acting decent in this instance.

Jacob Sullum discussed his O'Reilly Factor segment; he said he got a kick out of this graph, and was pleased to recieve emails to the effect that some people ran out and bought the book just because O'Reilly was so rude.

Michael Potemra told the charming Internet-age story of how he met his current girlfriend; she was one of the readers who emailed him regarding this exchange in the Corner; to prove to that he wasn't too shy to ask for a phone number, he replied and asked for hers.

And yes, I got along well enough with Andrew Stuttaford (who has linked to this website and quoted me in the Corner) that he invited Dave and me for a beer (his treat!) after the party was broken up.

There's more to tell, of course, but I think that's enough. I can sympathize with Dave's aversion to this sort of thing-- name-dropping like this starts to feel a bit icky pretty quickly.

Posted by John Tabin at June 27, 2003 06:30 PM

I dig the new site bro. I don't know how you got that damn moveable type thing to work, but keep on doing what your doing.

Posted by: Ryan at June 29, 2003 09:03 PM

Thanks for the move notice, I've made the necessary changes. I'm moving as well, soon. The new site is www.zogbyblog.com. I'll notify you when the move is accomplished. Let me know what you think of the new site, if you have the time.

Posted by: Zogby Blog at June 30, 2003 09:01 AM