July 07, 2003

Conspiracists Gone Wild

Markos Moulitsas Z˙niga, better known as Kos, who's on Howard Dean's payroll, and raises enough for the DNC to warrant a chat with Terry McAuliffe, dismisses Matt Drudge's gossip about discord between Dean and McAuliffe. "Consider the source," he admonishes.

Kos's theory, that Republican operatives would for some reason try to sabotage an unelectable Democrat with a serious shot at the nomination, is also floated by noted conspiracy theorist Josh Marshall, who observes, "Either people in the Dean campaign are incredible morons or this is a bogus quote."

Jay Caruso's marginally more plausible conspiracy theory notwithstanding, I think it may be time to apply Occam's razor: People in the Dean campaign are incredible morons.

(Alternative simple explanations: Drudge got some gossip that was mangled in transit, or the quoted moron isn't as close to the Dean campaign as he pretends to be. Drudge only claims 80% accuracy, after all. But please, lay off Oliver Stone's stash, people.)

Posted by John Tabin at July 7, 2003 11:52 PM