July 24, 2003

Cultural Harmony

BAATHIST BROADCASTING CORPORATION: Here's how they headlined yesterday's news about the killing of Saddam's sons: "US celebrates 'good' Iraq news." Yes, that "good" again. The Beebers must be truly sad to see two mass murderers brought to justice. One BBC journalist even pronounced that the deaths might cause an intensification of anti-American violence. Wishful thinking... Abolish [the BBC], I say.
-Andrew Sullivan
And I would like to add that Jazeera is the worst ever. They should be banned under Mullah Bremer's Fatwa banning all pro-saddam/pro-ba'ath propaganda. That political analyst they have, something al-ani, is a fucking saddamite.
-Salam Pax
Posted by John Tabin at July 24, 2003 12:53 PM

What is it about media outlets who get money from their Governments? The Brits are funding the BBC, and the US helps fund NPR and PBS...could you find 3 more liberal news outlets?

Posted by: edboz at July 25, 2003 02:13 PM