September 27, 2003


A CPA informs me that John Rowland has raised sales and income taxes in Connecticut, something I overlooked in my latest TCS piece. In that piece, I wrote:

Two other Blue State governors have also signed the [Americans for Tax Reform] pledge. One is John Rowland of Connecticut, who's pro-choice and has signed a domestic partnership bill into law. Though both Rowland and his legislature are now rather unpopular thanks to the Nutmeg State's budget stand-off, Rowland's anti-tax pledge has served him well in the past; he's now in his third term.

While that is all technically correct, it is important to note that Rowland violated the ATR pledge in 2002. None of the poll analyses that I looked at while researching my piece mentioned this as a component of his current unpopularity, strangely, instead seeming to argue that Rowland was unpopular for not compromising on taxes.

This is certainly not fatal to my thesis, and it actually may bolster a somewhat related argument that Grover Norquist made last week.

Posted by John Tabin at September 27, 2003 12:45 AM