October 08, 2003


I'm watching the coverage of Governor-Elect Schwarzenegger's victory. I must admit I'm having fun.

Check out the returns. When all is counted, Arnold will have gotten more votes that Gray Davis got in 2002. His total may exceed 50%. The GOP total-- Schwarzenegger+McClintock-- is going to land north of 60%. Remember, we're talking about California.

Arnold is among the strongest candidates I've ever seen; his victory speech, in particular, was terrific, sounding all the right bridge-building notes. But there's no doubt that his South Park Republicanism brought new voters to the polls; as I've argued*, this is a growing trend among Blue State Republican governors. If Arnold is able to govern effectively, he may become emblematic of a durable wing in the Republican coalition.

What could that mean for the future of American politics? Well... it's getting late.

*Note this addendum to that piece.

Posted by John Tabin at October 8, 2003 02:03 AM