February 09, 2004

Dueling Ledes

"After the Sunday disaster on Meet the Press, it's fair to ask: Does Mr. Bush still have the confidence in himself to continue as president?" -Jed Babin on The American Spectator online today.

"President Bush did just fine on Meet the Press." -Me, same site, same day.

Let it never be said that TAS doesn't cover things from all angles.

In my column, I go on to focus in on a talking point Bush appears to have gotten from the blogosphere.

Posted by John Tabin at February 9, 2004 12:36 AM

Mr. Tabin,

I came here via your comment at Josh Claybourn's recent entry on Bush's interview on Meet the Press. The issue of the liberal spending of the Bush administration, and of the Republican Congress, has been a major source of anger and frustration among conservatives and libertarians during the past one to two years, and there have been so many news and opinion pieces, and bloggers' entries, about this matter. In a recent entry that I did in the Republican column of WatchBlog - check it out here - I linked to some of that material. As I pointed out in that WatchBlog entry, Josh, the leading conservative collegiate blogger, has been covering this issue a great deal. Josh is one of the greatest people in the Blogosphere, and I have been reading, and commenting at, his blog since around the time I started my own - during the fall 2002 semester.

I think that I may have been to your blog before, but it may have been your blogspot site. Your blog may have been the one that I found from a sidebar listing on another blog - I think that it was listed under Illinois blogs, or under student blogs. I think that I may have left a comment at your blogspot blog, asking if you were a student, or if you were an Illinoisian... and you responded, that you used to be. But I could be thinking of another blogger.

Anyway, I notice that you are a columnist... That is very good. I wish that I had the energy and focus to write columns regularly. I just looked at some of the sidebar links at your old blog, and I see that you were recently a student at Northwestern. I think that corresponds to some of what I was thinking, about what I saw when I came across your name in the past. Did you graduate recently? Was that from graduate school? Are you no longer in this state? (I am a student at UIS.) Anyway, wherever you are, keep up the good work with your writing and blogging.

Posted by: Aakash at February 9, 2004 09:11 PM

Actually, contrary to popular belief, I was never a student at Northwestern, though I did write a couple things for the Northwestern Chronicle when I was living in Evanston a few years ago. (I went to Ithaca College in upstate New York for three years. I haven't gotten around to graduating from college yet, but then I don't believe Bill Gates or Karl Rove have, either.) I grew up on the North Shore outside Chicago, but I now live in Baltimore.

My guess, from your comments, is that you first found my blog either through the link on Vodkapundit-- he has me under "Kegger" and still hasn't moved me-- or from polstate.com when I was covering Illinois there.

Posted by: John Tabin at February 9, 2004 09:32 PM

Why have a puppet for a president for a president when you can have a puppeter
- draft Dick Cheney. He didn't even desert his unit as he never even made it into uniform thanks to 5 draft deferments.

Appologies for any offence from a Cynical old Australian Vietnam Vet.


[Deleted - 800 word off-topic rants belong on your website, not mine -JT]

Posted by: William Wallace at February 21, 2004 06:48 AM