April 14, 2004

Prez Conference

My reaction to Bush's press conference last night is now up at the American Spectator online.

Posted by John Tabin at April 14, 2004 02:38 AM

I think Bush might have answered all the questions about whether or not mistakes were made a little more facilely but I believe his BASIC message was correct. We are dealing with a barbarous enemy and there is no way to compromise with this enemy. It is THEIR fault we were attacked. The goal of the reporters was simply to make Bush look bad. It was not a quest for information. This is not a time for "nuances." HBut a time for retribution, revenge, and justice.

Posted by: leetabin at April 14, 2004 08:12 PM

What's dumb? Dumb is the president not acknowledging that he has some responsibility for what happens on his watch. He doesn't have to apologize, but he needs to make Americans feel that he understands that it's his job to acknowledge mistakes by the executive branch, even if he isn't personally at fault. That's what Harry Truman meant with his sign: "The buck stops here."

What's dumber than dumb? Dumber than dumb is the president not being able to come up with one single mistake in the last three years. There have been so many obvious mistakes, with the example of the missing WMDs looming over all, that the press core rightly pushed him on this.

Why is it so dumb that he can't come up with one mistake? It's SO DUMB because it is such a softball question. It's the kind of question you prep for when you are interviewing for a job. It's the kind of question you prep for when you are in a political debate.

It's a question designed to make the responder look better.

During the democratic primary debates, to take one example, the candidates were asked about their biggest mistake they had ever made. With almost no exceptions, they came up with examples designed to make them look humble and wise.

At the very, very least, our clever little president could have come up with a joke. Even I would have laughed if he'd responded with something like, "My biggest mistake? Maybe it was hiring Paul O'Neil."

Posted by: Anonymous at April 15, 2004 01:56 PM