June 18, 2004

"Saddam + Bin Laden?"

The answer to that question-- the headline of a January 11, 1999 Newsweek article -- is emphatically yes, despite what more recent headlines might imply. (The glut of information on the Saddam-al Qaeda relationship that became public around the time of that Newsweek story is now conveniently forgotten by our esteemed press corps.) The most comprehensive rebuke to the "no link ever" CW is to be found in Stephen Hayes's The Connection: How al Qaeda's Collaboration with Saddam Hussein Has Endangered America; I have a review forthcoming. And I was going to write an AmSpec column about the topic, but George Neumayr beat me to it. Also check out yesterday's treatment by Andrew C. McCarthy for NRO; McCarthy's article is a small taste of the evidence that Hayes marshals. (Did I mention that the book is good? It is.)

Posted by John Tabin at June 18, 2004 09:05 PM

Right on the mark! Our friends in the (liberal) media have been trying to hide both the terrorist connections with Iraq, and the WMD`s. The Democrats and liberal media have continually raised the bar for evidence on both issues. Having TERRORIST connections is not enough, the connections have to be to Al-Quada. These connections cannot consist of meetings and contacts but must be smoking-gun evidence of a direct Iraqi involvement with the 911 attacks. We are required to submit to prosecutorial standards of proof to make the case. On the issue of WMD`s the bar is likewise held at this ridiculous level. The former U.N. pronouncemens about Saddam`s weapons are immaterial. The evidence for the existence of those weapons immediately before the war ``unproven``. The U.N. issues a report SAYING that Saddam`s banned arsenal has been found scattered all over Europe and the Middle East, and the left still insists this means nothing. Read the reader mail about THAT story in the Spectator! (The sheer volume of mail suggests a preplanned response by the left, I would like to point out.) What does it take to get across to these people? It is impossible to force someone to see what they do not want to see. The left does not believe we have any enemies. The only enemies they see are the right-wing, the Republicans, and George Bush. The left has tunnel vision; they only can understand the need to recapture their former position of dominance. The media goes along wholeheartedly-the GREAT enemy right now is GWB. They will provericate, they will hide evidence, they will LIE to achieve this oh-so-noble goal. I suppose we shouldn`t be surprised that a snake is a snake, and it shouldn`t surprise when a viper bites.

Posted by: Timothy Birdnow at June 21, 2004 11:07 AM