June 25, 2004

More Ill. Annoyed

In the wake of scandal, Jack Ryan has dropped out of the Illinois senate race. Says the AP:

Illinois GOP leaders would select another candidate in the event of a withdrawal....

Several names immediately surfaced, including state Sen. Steve Rauschenberger and dairy owner Jim Oberweis, both of whom lost to Ryan in the primary, and former state Board of Education chairman Ron Gidwitz. Additionally, other GOP officials floated the name of Patrick Fitzgerald, a U.S. attorney in Illinois.

ArchPundit is all over the story. On the potential replacements, he highlights a Capitol Fax item:

The name most mentioned yesterday as a possible Ryan replacement was Ron Gidwitz, a wealthy businessman and education reform crusader. Gidwitz has a lot of friends in the party, but he is not loved by Mayor Daley and the teachers' unions, which he battled at the City Colleges of Chicago. Another name that popped up out of the blue is Jayne Thompson, the wife of the former governor, although nobody really knows if she'd even accept such an offer. Of course, there are also the other usual suspects, Jim Edgar, Jim Thompson (both of whom reportedly don't want it), Judy Baar Topinka (doesn't want it), Steve Rauschenberger (wants it, but lost the primary), Jim Oberweis (anti-illegal immigrant weirdness in the primary rules him out), etc.

ArchPundit also has a tip that primary loser Andy McKenna isn't interested.

If it's Gidwitz, he starts the race way behind, and ArchPundit already has quite a bit on his liabilities. Unless one of the former governor's changes his mind, none of the other names floated are all that impressive, either. Such is the state of the Illinois GOP.

Posted by John Tabin at June 25, 2004 04:49 PM