July 06, 2004

Boston, Here I Come

(UPDATE: Or maybe not; important follow-up to this post here.)

I'm very pleased to announce that JohnTabin.com is one of a handful of blogs to be granted press credentials for the Democratic National Convention later this month.

I'm not a full-time employee of any news organization, and the press rules specifically forbid credentialing freelancers. I suspect that that rule isn't enforced with any particular rigor, but getting into the press gallery on my own behalf nonetheless has its advantages, not the least of which is covering the historic blogger invasion from the inside. I'll no doubt be filing reports that I get paid for, of course, but the short little tidbits that don't fit into a coherent structure will go right here. Maybe I'll add digital photos or other multimedia elements (this might be a time when audioblogging actually becomes worthwhile). And the blog will run in as close to real-time as my arsenal of gadgets will allow. This ought to be fun.

Posted by John Tabin at July 6, 2004 06:10 PM


Posted by: Dave Weigel at July 6, 2004 06:30 PM