July 11, 2004

Bloggers in Boston Update

The AP has coverage; reporter Anick Jesdanun interviewed me but apparently did not find me quotable. CBSMarketWatch also did a story, quoting my AmSpec column.

Patrick Belton of OxBlog emails that my tone at the end of that column might be too accusatory: he posted at 1:45 but actually recieved the call at 12:12. I mentioned in the column that my cell phone runs fast; specifically, it's about nine minutes fast as of now (it was probably different last week). So they were calling Belton before my phone conversation was finished. It might still not have been a coincidence-- I was on hold for part of the call and talked to more than one person-- but lets give them the benefit of the doubt. Why was OxBlog notified by phone at all, while every else got letters? When I spoke to Jesdanun, he speculated that it might have been because they're overseas, and mail is so slow.

(Belton also noted in his email that he thinks OxBlog is "best classified as centrist rather than 'rightish', particularly if you look at our positions on domestic issues such as gay rights." He apparently said the same thing to Jesdanun, who notes that "Belton is a registered Democrat who considers himself centrist." Well, I tried to imply some ideological wiggle-room by intentionally using 'rightish,' rather than, say, 'right-wing" or "conservative." I'm also a pro-gay marriage registered Democrat, after all.)

Someone else who got a phone call: the proprietor of Librarian.net, who, for variety, got a letter turning down her application and then got a call saying she was actually approved. She writes that she "heard that there had been a bit of a dust-up earlier in the week when the credentialling bloggers started announcing themselves and it became clear they were mostly [all? I have no idea] men. So, I figure I got in on an affirmative action plan, though really I have no idea." (Brackets verbatim.)

Finally, Jerome Armstrong of MyDD.com left a comment on the post where I noted that he'd only gotten "Perimeter" credentials; this was yet another screw-up, and Armstong is in fact approved for the Hall.

UPDATE: James Landrith, another disinvited blogger, has an in-progress list of the invited and disinvited.

Posted by John Tabin at July 11, 2004 10:16 PM